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DK All-Saints Burmilla

I would like to tell about this wonderfull catbreed which I fell head over heals for in 1996. I fell in love with a pair of green eyes looking straight into my heart. But more than a year went by before I got the chance to purchace a kitten

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  • IC
    DK All-Saints Manse
    BML ns11 sable silver shaded

  • DK All-Saints Tzar
    BML ns11 sable silver shaded
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GIC DK All-Saints James Cagney
Meet the breeder

My name is Annemette Jørgensen. I live in a house at the countryside near Karise, Sealand - Denmark
Along with me lives also my husband Mark and our two sons Lucas and Noah.

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    We have two kittens from Manse and Quira.
    born June 2nd 2014