Born May 29 2013

 DK All-Saints X-Kuld f&slashdt 29 maj 2013
Kittens from Camilla og Manse.
Three boys and two girls - all browns silver shaded.
Kittens are ready to leave home. They have been chippend and got 2 vaccines.
DK All-Saints Manse

DK All-Saints Manse + Camilla of Billabong

Camilla of Billabong

DK All-Saints Xilas has moved to his new home in Hellerup

Born October 29 2012

All-Saints Vinzent
Sable silver shaded
All-Saints Valeri
Tortie silver shaded
All-Saints Valentin
Sable silver shaded
Burmilla All-Saints Vinzent, sable silver shaded boyBurmilla All-Saints Valeri, tortie silver shaded girlBurmilla All-Saints Valentin, sable silver shaded boy
Parents are Quira and Tzar.
These are F2 = 2. generation from burmese-outcross.
All three have been shown and passed for breedrecognition.
DK All-Saints Tzar

DK All-Saints Tzar + DK All-Saints Quira

DK All-Saints Quira

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