About us...

We live in a house in the village of St. Spjellerup near Karise - Eastside Sealand. The females roam around us and are used to everyday trivialities. Children and playmates, grown women and men, dogs, tv, radio, vacuum cleaner etc.. Unfortunately we cannot let them into our garden, since it is not escape proof. The males live alone. Cagney got his own place with a run to it. Pollux still behaves (does not spray) and is allowed to live in our bedroom.

Annemette Jørgensen I was introduced to pedigree cats by my mother in law. She has for many years bred persians, and I joined her at some shows - and got hooked. But I also realised that all that grooming was not for me.

But then I found the breed for me. A fairly rare breed - and not just unknown for ignorant me.

But I realised the breed had been partially developed in Denmark, and it should be possible to buy a kitten - after some waiting.

Almost a year later, in June 1997, at last I could buy a female. Mirza´s Hope - her pedigree said chokolat silver shaded. As time went by I got wiser - she actually was sable silver shell. When the breed was founded it was of greater importance to get a uniform look, than determing the correct colour- and sometimes it slipped.
In October 1998 I bought a young male Thamakan Silver Ninki - because Hope went out of heat every time she entered a kennel.

Lucas and BB

She never had many kittens. A single the first time (Ahtu) and two second time (BB and Bogart). She had an inflammation and was neutered.
Both Ahtu and BB were oops! mated by their father. That gave me GIC Cagney and IC Claudette 2 super cats. But the inbreeding I was/ am not very proud of.

I saw a need for new blood in the breed. And not just for my own sake.
I was in contact with a Canadian breeder and late 2001 I got Horizon´s Bluebell . She did 3 litters with Cagney and one withe EC Edison Af Misapotanien. She delivered 5 kittens every time and five of them are used for breed - three of them by myself.

In 2006 I bought an unrelated male from Canada. Horizons Pollux is F1 Burmilla -his father is a Burmese. I have shown him several times and he has got nice judgements. Now he is IC and his show-carreer stops there.
Probably in 2010 I have a new import in the house. I would like to have an Australian female, but only time can tell.
I did a genetic test on my breeding cats for every colour possible now. Only real surprice was that every single one of them are burmese colour restricted -( cbcb ) EMS code 31