The Burmilla temper

The Burmilla is a lovely family member. In harmony, gentle and easy. Friendly and obliging to all - children and adults. A very affectionate and sociable cat, just loves to be at the centre of attention. The best is to lie on a lap being petted - or to cuddle up in your bed at night. The burmilla enjoys the company of other cats to play with and sleep with all tangled in. It is curious and loves helping with everyting from making the beds and reading newspaper to cooking and watering the flowers. If you have children the Burmilla is an excellent and eager play-mate.

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BB og Ivalo i en hyggestund

The looks

The Burmilla is an elegant, slim lined cat. Medium sized with stong legs. They got big green eyes, with an intense look.
The Burmilla is recognised in shaded and shell silver in all the burmese colours. Meaning the tip of the hair is coloured; Black/brown, blue, chocolate, lilac,
red, cream or torties.

Weight 3 - 6kg
Length 60 - 75cm
Heigth 20 - 30cm
Grooming minimal
Need for contact huge
Level of activity medium
Spreading rare

Silver shell is the same as chinchilla. A silver shell cat is only colour pigmented on the outer 1/8 of each hair-shaft. The remaining 7/8 are uncoloured (white) A silver shaded cat has coloured pigmentation on 1/3 og the hair-shaft. A golden cat is apricot where the silver is white.

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